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Operation Santa Provides Christmas Miracles for Children

There is nothing quite like being a child at Christmas time. Winter treats, carolers at the door, and warm times with family make the holiday season a wonderful and magical time of year. But for the parents who struggle to provide Christmas gifts to their children during the holidays — and do not receive assistance […]

On the Lighter Side

“My interest is in the future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there.” — Charles Kettering, Social Philosopher

Protect Your POS: 3 Steps to Physical and Cyber Security

During the holidays, we enjoy the thrill of a busy store, high purchase volume, and increased revenue. But consequently, fraud exposure will also increase, and your point-of-sale (POS) devices and infrastructure are tempting targets. Preventing fraud during such a busy season demands increased vigilance. Merchants must implement procedures to secure transactions, both in person and […]

2 Steps for More Secure CNP Transactions

This season, card-not-present transactions may be one of your most vulnerable spots. Online purchase volume is likely to be high, so it’s important to increase your vigilance and ensure you’re fully compliant with the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Together, these complementary levels of security will help you protect […]

Mobile On the Move: Make Security a Priority

Are you ready for mobile payments? With more consumers ready to pay with a tap, you’re likely planning how to incorporate mobile payments into your systems. Even as you focus on the high-tech, it’s critical to remember to also focus on high-security. Apple is just the first bite The September announcement of Apple Pay was […]

Hit Hunger Where It Counts: Right at Home

October is filled with scary things, from ghosts to witches to jack-o’-lanterns. But thousands of families across the country face a far more daunting fear year round — hunger. Employees at our Aiken, South Carolina office are pitching in to eliminate that fear. Each fall, a team helps organize and support the annual It’s Spooky […]

Interchange: What It Is and Who Pays It

All payment card transactions involve what is called an interchange fee. You may have heard the term, but it’s possible that you’re not clear about exactly what it is and why it’s charged. The overall process is complex, but we can offer a simplified explanation of what happens. Q: What exactly is interchange? A: It […]

How Much Are You Actually Paying for Payment Processing?

Processing fees are not simple, and often statements are designed to be confusing. Many merchants are overwhelmed when it comes to reviewing pricing and find it hard to know if they’re paying too much. To provide better pricing knowledge and understanding, Veracity typically offers merchants a no-cost statement evaluation that pinpoints areas where charges may […]

8 Criteria for Choosing Your Payment Processor

For most business people, choosing a payment processor is much like choosing a car mechanic. Unless you are knowledgeable about maintenance, parts, and pricing, you must trust that the person you go to is honest and will treat you with integrity. Unfortunately, that is not always what happens. Merchant payment processing scams are common and […]

Raptor Rehabilitation Volunteer Rescues Injured Birds

For Lori Sewell of Auburn, Alabama, working with birds has always been a passion. Lori, who has been with Veracity for five and a half years in the sales department, volunteers at a local raptor center to help rehabilitate injured and abandoned raptors and songbirds. Her volunteer work began several years ago when she started […]

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